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  • 1. Website Design & Development How much does it cost to build a website?
    It depends on what you want. Searching online, you'll see prices all over the map.
  • 2. What factors determine the cost to build a website?
    Two things >> volume and customization.
    Volume is simply the # of pages on your site. All things being equal, a 10-page website is going to be less expensive than a 95-page site.
    Customization can mean ...
    Custom content. Do you already have written content for your site or does it need to be developed?
    Custom design. Do you want a highly unique or unusual layout for your site that requires re-engineering the underlying site structure?
    Custom images and graphics. Do your images and graphics require specialized Photoshop effects, above and beyond standard cropping and resizing?
    Custom programming. Does your site require integration and rigorous testing with a 3rd-party application like a shopping cart or client scheduling system?
    It's fine if you want a high degree of customization. Just understand that it increases the cost of your project.
  • 3. What is WordPress?
    Think of WordPress as the “operating system” of your website, just like a desktop PC uses Windows or an iPhone uses iOS. WordPress is the platform we use exclusively to build websites. It’s used on millions of sites worldwide.
  • 4. What exactly is a CMS (Content Management System)?
    A CMS allows you to add, remove or update content on your website without high level technical training. WordPress is an example of a CMS.
  • 5. Is there an objective way to determine if I need a website redesign?”
    Yes. We have a detailed blog post titled, "How To Decide When It’s Time For A Website Redesign" that will help you answer this question. This blog post also contains a comprehensive Website Redesign Checklist to help you assess and score your site.
  • 1. How long will building a website take?
    Every website timeline is different and timeline is based on the size and complexity of the website and the resources available to work on the project.
  • 2. How will people find my website?
    Once a website is launched, you need to create a plan to promote your site. We build sites with optimal search engine compatibility and offer full-service digital marketing campaigns and social media campaigns that help your website to be found on search engines.
  • 3. What is the cost and how do I pay?
    The cost depends on the project. We have different pay structures, including Flat Fee and Time and Materials. After discussing your needs we will decide which pay structure works best for you.
  • 4. What exactly does responsive web design mean?
    A responsive website means that it “responds” and automatically adapts to the size of the device it’s being viewed on. Specifically, that means a responsive site is easy to read and navigate whether you’re viewing it on a desktop, tablet or phone.
  • 5. What exactly is website hosting?
    In order for your website to be live on the internet, it needs to be hosted on a web server. It’s kind of like if you want to build a house (i.e. website), you need a piece of land (i.e. web hosting) to build your house on.

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